Costumes: Star Wars Royal Guard and Carnor Jax

The third costume that I built was in January through March 2008.  It was a combined costume, a standard Royal Guard and a Carnor Jax modification. I built alot of the Carnor Jax with Brian Fong, from the NEG.

The helmet is a fiberglass “Argentina” helmet that I got from ebay.  It was a cracked B grade helmet that I had to fix.  But well worth it as it was only about $200 vs. a standard helmet which runs for about $400.  I only had to bondo, resand and repaint the helmet to get it up to speed.  The helmet has about 10 light coats of red spray paint, and a layer of gloss.

The soft armor, outer robe, was purchased from “LadySewsforUs” on the Royal Guard forum.  Great work on this, I don’t think I could ever get it that good.  It feels like a formal costume you’d wear at a Christmas ball.

The inner robe was made using a pattern from Joann’s.  I actually sewed it, and was my first real sewing project.  Not bad for being totally hidden by the outer robe.

The armor was purchased from a vendor on the RG forum, and the force pike was made out of PVC pipe and parts from Home Depot.

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