Costumes: Imperial Gunner

This costume was also built in March of 2008.  If anyone wants to make an easy costume, this is it!

The helmet was from Capricorn Armor and came as a kit.  The hardest part about putting the helmet together was getting all of the pieces to bend correctly.  I think I used about 20 clamps and magnets on it to keep the right shape while the glue (goop) dried.  The visor was made out of clear plexiglass and car tint.  Don’t do that, use a standard welding shield that’s already tinted.

The jump suit was purchased from the 501st forum and has all the right pockets, etc.  I made the belt from Tandy leather and it has a Tandy rectangle buckle with a greeblie on it.  The gloves are standard black gloves with no stitching.  (I think I got it from a Renaissance vendor.)

Boots are standard German jackboots from eBay.

I have 2 chest armor pieces.  One is soft and is a standard pauldron that the sandtroopers wear.  I also have hard armor for the chest that someone on the Gunner forum was selling.  Don’t know if that armorer still exists.

Recently I checked the Costume Reference Library, and there are about 5 variations of this costume.  It also appears in Rogue One.

I didn’t take many pics, but here are the ones I have.