Costumes: Star Wars Biker Scout (Ep 6)

My second costume, and probably most worn, is the Episode 6 Biker Scout.  The kit came from “Moncal” and is probably on the of the best armorers out there.  The kit came partiallyTcomplete, and I didn’t really have to do much trimming or cutting of plastic.  The hardest part of this build was getting the soft armor, which I had made for me by, LadySewsforUs (?) or something like that.

I made the boot covers, put the armor together with elastic, snaps, velcro, goop, etc.  The helmet was a purchase from eBay (of unknown origin), and isn’t bad.  Its a resin helmet and better than some of the others that were out at the time (Don Post).  The costume was completed in April of 2007.

Here’s a link to more photos.

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