2/14: If I change the layout of a page to two columns, the main body of the page goes in the left side. How can I get pictures on the right side? See the aboutme page. It’s alot of text that needs to be complimented by pictures.

Hah, that about page! I just recently tried to bring mine out of retirement, but my charger is dead:


To add stuff to that area, you can add html through a text widget. We can also add a small slide show that is the width of that area to fit well. I added a text widget with some sample info in it. Feel free to change it or just remove it until you are ready to add something for real.

2/13:  Do you know how to make a sticky post for just one category?  I want to make a sticky in the costumes “page” that says that these are my costume builds.  But when I use the sticky function, it also becomes a sticky in other places (drones, etc)

Hmm, the best bet might be to just manipulate the dates so the one you want on top is the latest date. You may also be able to put future dates (I’m not positive) in order to keep them up on top for a while. Give it a try.


How do you reduce the height of the nav menu?  too much space between the top of the letters and the top edge of the gray bar.  Same with the bottom.

I added this to Appearance > Editor

ul.nav li a {
    padding-bottom: .5em !important;
    padding-top: .5em !important;

If you want it smaller, go with .4 or .3em

2/11 9:31 PM ET The search function doesn’t pick up all of the tags. I have 3 posts with “drones” as a tag, but when I search, it doesn’t find them. Is it a setting somewhere?

Out of the box, WP doesn’t include tag or category names for search. Not sure why.
I installed a new plugin called Search Everything that pretty much searches everything. Let me know if that is better.

Awesome!  Thanks!

Also, see the responses below.

On the nav menu, “projects” seems to stay orange when you’re on a different page.  How to change so it goes to white.

If the page or category is a sub-set of projects, it will stay orange to show that you are still on that top menu item. Give me a link to show which one is acting weird.

>>  If you click on Drones on the nav menu, it will change to orange, but projects also stays orange.

The Projects page is the generic blog page. Anything that is a post will show up there. This is kind of confusing WP, because any post category is actual a ‘child’ of the main blog.  We can create a new category called Projects and add all of the posts to that project category. Then remove the page ‘Project’ from the menu and add the category ‘Project’ instead. Let me know if you want me to do that. Just keep in mind that if you don’t manually add the project category to each post, it will not be visible to the website visitor.

>>  Its OK the way it works for posting the blog entries.  I’m actually going to change the title to “Latest Posts” so everything goes there, then gets “filtered” off into the right categories for storage.  But the color looks wrong when looking at the other categories.  Kind of looks like a programming error.  If it can’t be easily fixed, then I’ll just change it back to white so there’s confusion.  No big deal.  don’t spend too much time on it.

Added the custom CSS, but it didn’t work.  I didn’t delete it. it’s still in the editor.
Looks like it is working. I changed the search box css to be green, so you can change it back to show that it is working. If you want, choose a darker gray than the current #3d3d3d. This one is very dark #1d1d1d. Just replace the word green with #1d1d1d

>> Thanks!

let me know where you see the Archive messaging

>>  It’s not doing it now.  It was on Costumes.
New questions 2/10/17
How to darken the white box around the search bar on the bottom? I tried, but can’t get it.
Add this to your custom CSS ( Appearance > Editor ) below the other stuff:

.searchform, #searchform {
border-color: #3b3b3b;

On the costumes post page, it says “Archive|Costumes”  How do you get rid of that?
Also add this:

.archive_header {
display: none;}



Tutorial on the rev slider?  Embed videos in there, slides, etc.
Some video tutorials here:

Here are a bunch of usage examples:

Feel free to take a look and let me know which you would like to emulate. I can get the source for any of those and we can go in and change pictures and other stuffs

Add the store…. didnt want to touch the plug in or mess it up.
The button color was making the shop section look funny. I changed it using the setting found in the screencap below:




Change the url to luckyxero.com  it’s still available.

Create albums?
I added a media gallery to the Hamster Drive post so you can see the shortcode that controls it. Here is a video of how to do it yourself:

To remove it just delete the shortcode *bracket*gallery link=”file” ids=”25,40,41,22,18″*bracket* and hit save

Media limit?
There is no limit to pictures. I would make sure they are web optimized, 1200px width or height approx, with strong compression. Large 14 megapixel images can really slow down the site.

Since videos are hosted on youtube, no limits there either.